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14-Oct-2017 15:13

They periodically squawk their position (and course, when applicable), using TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) technology similar to the way cellphones do to avoid mutual interference.

AIS receivers make this data available for navigation, anti-collision systems, and other uses.

Please note that sample sentences not accompanied by field dumps are not useful; I can get plenty of those.

Field 2 (1 in this example) is the count of fragments in the currently accumulating message.

Some of what this document explains about the quirks of real-world encoders comes from examples provided by Kurt Schwehr.

Other such information, especially for the less common sentences, comes from inspection of sentences forwarded to me from AIS Hub by various interested parties, and more recently from AIS Hub itself.

Some charge subscriptions; others offer time-delayed access for free and charge for a real-time feed.

It collects and integrates information from publicly available sources and is intended to assist developers of open-source software for interpreting these messages.The detail information on payload formats in this document is mostly derived from these public sources.