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20-Aug-2017 09:19

I dont personally think this but my friend had an interesting view of the song when he first heard it. WHat if in this song he was in love with a prostitute ? I only know for sure that that was Levine's girlfriend. How special a song can come to mind and remind me that I am song is about a very "special" girl who has been followed and "watched" nearly her entire life by a man.He stayed behind the scenes and could not intervine.

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I don't feel that it follows the meaning of the song at all. I wish they could have stayed true to the story line when they made a video. I don't really understand the lyrics but I think we should notice about the pronouns:"Beauty queen of only eighteen She had some trouble with herself He was always there to help her She always belonged to someone else"The author uses the pronouns "he" and "she" here.I don't really like its video like I do the song itself.Find it hard for me to believe that this song should actually have something to do with a love affair between a guy and the mamma of his gf.He knows everything about her and she runs tohim every time one of her relationships goes bad. He'll do anything for her even though she hurts him by leading him on. On wikipedia it says that the actress's name was Corrine Carrey. When I feel loved, sometimes I hear it/ start humming it.

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He's waiting for her to realize what a mistake she is making with all the other guys." The song is beautiful but the video..well, perhaps it does only have something to do with my own taste. Again, I don't really know what the girl's name was. This happened again tonight when my friends listened to me, reached out and gave me advice and care.

They end up having a love affair, and thats where "he wants her more" He's saying that one day, someone will truly love her, and that man will be him. This song is beautiful...reminds me of my friend Ryan. It never worked for us, but he never failed to make me feel like I was someone special.