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The other 25% of trees will be income generating varieties such as mango and lime trees that offer additional nutritional and financial security to the farmers and their families.

Under its extended Plan A commitments, M&S has pledged that each of its 2.7 billion individual products will have a Plan A attribute by 2020, with a target of 50% by 2015.

Working in partnership with nine local farmers, M&S is planting over 6000 trees in the desolate land between the Kanneliya and Polgahakanda forest reserves.

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This is the most exciting discovery in my eight-year career at Nasa.'The building blocks of life on Enceladus are water, which no form of life on Earth can exist without, an energy source and six elements – carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulphur.It means Saturn’s sixth moon may have the same single-celled organisms with which life began on Earth, or more complex creatures still.These organisms, still found on our planet within the darkest depths of our oceans, use hydrogen and carbon dioxide as fuel in a process known as 'methanogenesis.'‘What is intriguing about the data at Enceladus, with the hydrogen detection, is that we are now able to determine how much energy would be available from the methanogenesis reaction at Enceladus,' said Chris Glein, Cassini INMS team associate at Sw RI during the press conference.'We have made the first calorie count in an alien ocean.'This, the researcher explained, is a major step in assessing the moon's habitability.Mike Barry, Head of Sustainable Business at M&S said: 'The complexity of a bra’s supply chain makes it the ideal product to learn about the practicalities of carbon footprinting, as it contains 21 component parts from 12 different suppliers.

'We’re already applying the lessons we’ve learned to other product areas and have taken an important step towards our goal of giving every single M&S product a Plan A attribute.'The Autograph Leaves collection is available online from the 13th April and will be in stores from this weekend.

While they haven't found life itself on Enceladus, Glein says the geochemical data 'could allow for this possibility.'After 13 years exploring Saturn, the craft dove into high-powered jets of water spewing from the moon’s surface, where it found hydrogen gas.