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This function is very easy to compute (k % M, in Java), and is effective in dispersing the keys evenly between 0 and M-1.

If the keys are real numbers between 0 and 1, we might just multiply by M and round off to the nearest integer to get an index between 0 and M-1.

As with separate chaining, the performance of open-addressing methods is dependent on the ratio α = N/M, but we interpret it differently.

For separate chaining α is the average number of items per list and is generally larger than 1.

There are a billion different social security numbers, but suppose that our application will need to process just a few hundred keys, so that we could use a hash table of size M = 1000.

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: we choose the array size M to be prime, and, for any positive integer key k, compute the remainder when dividing k by M.

In this case, we can compute the number ), but for your own type, you have to try to do it on your own.

Program Phone illustrates one way to proceed: make integers from the instance variables and use modular hashing.

This was done in the hopes of computing the hash function more quickly.

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Indeed, the hash values were computed more quickly, but it became more likely that many strings hashed to the same values.31 is also a Mersenne prime (like 127 or 8191) which is a prime number that is one less than a power of 2.