24-Nov-2017 13:53

Because the Check Box List is separate from the Details View control, I had to enable/disable the checkboxes manually to make them stay in sync with the built-in edit/view mode of the Details View: This article provided an oview of my custom WSAT application (available for download at the end of this article), examining the user list pages and add and edit user pages in detail.

The pages explored in this article make up the user management portion of the tool.


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Moreover, the "User Name filter" allows you to pare down the list to those users whose name starts with a particular letter. NET controls, this task took a bit longer than I planned, but I learned a couple things along the way, so allow me to share.

While this approach would tightly couple your application to the specific Membership provider, it would permit your application to scale with a burgeoning user base. My custom WSAT application contains an Add User page, which contains a Check Box List for Role selection followed by the expected form fields for the pertinent new user attributes.