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He produced his most convincing win of the tournament over Alexandr Dolgopolov in the fourth round. 1 ranking is on the line in Wednesday’s quarter-finals. 1 next week regardless of his result against Rublev.Rublev has dropped just one set en route to his maiden Grand Slam quarter-final, against Damir Dzumhur in the third round. If Federer wins and Nadal loses, Federer will return to the top of the Emirates ATP Rankings on Monday and become the oldest World No. If Federer and Nadal both win, their first US Open meeting on Friday will determine who is No. GRAPPLE IN THE APPLE Legendary boxing promoter Don King billed it the ‘Grapple in the Apple’ in 2008, but Federer and Nadal have never played at the US Open.At first inspection, the glyphs appear to be very intricate squares laid out in a gridlike pattern.In fact, each square is a glyph block that actually contain one to five glyphs, often forming a word or even a phrase.Del Potro, by contrast, cruised through his opening three matches in straight sets, against Henri Laaksonen, Adrian Menendez-Maceiras and No. del Potro View Daily Schedule Nadal’s quarter-final opponent on Wednesday is #Next Gen ATP player Andrey Rublev.

It became distinguishable from other early farming cultures of Mesoamerica in the middle of the first millenium BCE, when the first great Maya cities were constructed.

It is thought that speakers of the Ch'olan language, and possibly also those of the Tzeltalan language, were the inventors of the Maya writing system.

Another group, the speakers of Yucatec, adopted the script to write their own language.

In reality, Maya glyphs are read in "paired columns", meaning that the first glyph block is on the top left, the second is immediately to the right of the first, the third is under the first, the fourth under the second, and so forth. When you arrive at the bottom of this "paired column", you will then go back up to the top and start the next paired column.

In fact, scholars label glyph block horizontally with letters (A, B, C) and vertically with numbers (1, 2, 3).

Eight years and four wrist surgeries since ending Roger Federer’s 40-match US Open win streak, Juan Martin del Potro returns to Arthur Ashe Stadium for a rematch.