Pwa my tasks not updating

28-Sep-2017 02:01

Microsoft may be planning to start selling more than just digital content in the built-in Windows 10 Store app, hence its rebrand to "Microsoft Store." Microsoft already has an online Store which it calls "Microsoft Store" too, where it sells software and hardware from first and third-party partners.It wouldn't be surprising to see Microsoft begin moving that content in to the new Microsoft Store app too at some point.In fact, Google is often inventing the new technology, and they can’t move as fast as they need to when they are shackled by maintaining legacy connections. They recently reorganized the whole company under the Alphabet name. If you also wish that they would not retire Picasa now, you can add your voice by visiting, clicking on the 3-bar menu and then Send Feedback. At least add a vote for your important features to be added to Google Photos.This affects both the desktop software, Picasa3, and the web service, Picasa Web Albums. Your pictures will still be right where you put them, on your hard drive.If you use either the desktop software, or the website, this announcement affects you. If you get a new computer, you will need the Picasa software setup file. After that, you can download the Picasa installation files from, or, here is our Picasa Download for Geeks on Tour Members.Google made it official with an announcement on February 12, 2016: Moving on from Picasa.

I am downloading just specific ones, when there is something I want that only Picasa3 can do, like add Watermarks, other text on pictures, real captions, or fancy collages.

Mine are 1: captions that stay with pictures when downloaded, 2:watermarks on shared photos 3: Display all public albums with one URL web address. I love how it effortlessly it collects ALL the photos of my life, and gives me fun ways to display and share them. I have nearly 50,000 pictures stored online in my Google Account and there is no charge for that (I’m fine with the less-than-original file size required.) Google Photos offers unlimited storage for free.