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The males are accused of being violent and verbally abusive toward the women and girls, the complaints said.Choi said that he believes more victims exist, and the investigation is continuing. Paul Police Chief Bill Martinez said sex trafficking investigations are complex, but the approach is victim-centered.And we are getting better at investigating these cases and we are employing new tools and new tactics to ensure that we are also paying attention to the demand side of the equation.” According to the charges, St.Paul police began an investigation in September by contacting girls and women who appeared in ads on, a website commonly used to advertise prostitution services.“It’s also about prevention and the socialization of boys and men,” Choi said.“How is it that a boy grows up to be a man and believes that it’s OK to purchase another human being for sex?He was charged with possession of a dangerous weapon in a courthouse and is set to go to trial March 23.His criminal history includes charges of trespassing, theft, disorderly conduct and traffic violations.

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One underage girl told investigators she’d been “trafficked out of more than 10 hotels in the Twin Cities area between July and the end of August,” the complaints said.Paul; and a 21-year-old woman whose interactions are not detailed in the complaints. Paul, Brooklyn Park and Maplewood in Minnesota; Milwaukee and Racine in Wisconsin; Memphis, Tenn.; and Chicago.The work included walking the streets and meeting johns at home or hotels, the complaints said.Martinez cautioned that “sex trafficking is not welcome in St.

Paul” and issued a warning: “For you individuals out there that are trafficking these young women, be afraid because we are coming after you and we’re going to bring you to justice.” Choi said the trafficking demand is a problem that arrests, and one that prosecutions alone can’t solve.

Paul adults for their alleged involvement in a multistate sex trafficking ring that involved minor girls, and officials had a strong message for traffickers and johns: “We are coming after you.” Prosecutors allege the prostitution ring was operated by Suwan Dominique Cross, 19; Doris Marie Keller, 38; Yolanda Katrice Foster, 28; Thomas William Evans, 25; and Ishmael Jamaine Williams, 19.