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He and his best friend Gus open up their own "psychic detective agency", 'Psych.' Shawn uses a set of unique skills to solve crimes for the SBPD and sometimes for private clients who hire him on the side.

His eye for detail, outside-the-box thinking, and throw-caution-to-the-wind-to-follow-a-hunch attitude make him excellent at following and solving cases.

Due to his father's extensive police training during childhood and early teenhood, Shawn developed an adeptness and a fondness for police work.

When his father divorced his mother, Shawn, in his teens, began hating his father, and consequently lost interest in becoming part of the police force since he did not want to follow his father's footsteps.

He often took jobs just because they were fun, and then once he lost interest, he would quit, if he didn't lose his job first.

However, Shawn often used his amazing powers of observation and deduction to call in tips to the police anonymously.

At the end of "No Trout About It", Harris Trout, the new interim SBPD chief, says he will no longer be hiring psychics, leaving the Psych office non-police affiliated. All of his "episodes" need to have an audience, although this may be due to the fact that an audience acts as a witness for his psychic abilities, in order to prove that he is not lying. Eccentric and outgoing, Shawn also seems to be able to draw people to him, leading to fast friendships, such as in "Lights, Camera...

Homicidio", when he befriends one of the actors in a matter of hours, to which Juliet questions how he can make friends so fast.

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He also scored 100 on the Police Academy exam at the age of 15.

The looker is nearly seven months along in her first pregnancy, which she has been documenting on Instagram.

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