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26-Dec-2017 20:18

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I don't think losing the party-section mattered that much, because the groups are now at the male-section among solo dudes.But at cam4 it is pretty usual that guys or groups only have one or a few shows and then they disappear completely, or come back after months or even years.michaelindwc hasn't on cam4 but I've seen his face on skype. He even told me about a rich friend he has under 40 who occasionally flies out to wherever he is working (he's currently in Shanghai) to get fucked by him. The other 2, I haven't seen their faces.[quote] he possibly means party-section at cam4 that was discontinued a few months ago.

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Her writing in the chat seemed like a woman would write (something like "oh we never knew you were this out!! Could obviously be their gay friend but her profile's been active for years and "seems" like a female profile.R26 when he's not working internationally he lives in DC. I only talked to him once lol at the time he didn't think there were many men he liked in Shanghai...hence he turned to camming and seeing that friend occasionally.

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