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But, try as I might, I could not persuade myself that this was a good faith account of what had actually happened. Not only personal disgrace, but justifiable accusations that I had appropriated and devalued the ordeals of those who had been drugged, overpowered, molested, or otherwise unambiguously sexually assaulted.Self-examination forced me to acknowledge that both my partner and I shared responsibility for the events of that night, and that martyrdom would be a cowardly and dishonest excuse for my own poor judgment. I could not in good conscience adopt a narrative of convenience that might make it harder for authentic victims of sexual violence to be believed were my duplicity to be exposed.

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Certainly, the emotional burden would be easier to bear if the fault could be projected elsewhere.

By chance, I ran into an old friend from college and he and I spent the rest of the evening drinking together, reminiscing about old times on Greek Row, and exchanging stories of our adventures since.

As closing time approached, I invited him back to my house and he enthusiastically accepted.

But I was old enough to know that I might be unlucky. As I struggled to come to terms with my diagnosis and grieve for the loss of my health, I experienced a range of confused emotions – anger; denial; resentment; self-pity.

For a while, I cultivated hatred towards men, and even hostility towards my parents, who I irrationally blamed for failing to do enough to warn and protect me.For many women, the breaking of the Weinstein scandal has been a moment of catharsis and deferred justice.